Web-Based Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking In Sabah

Improve efficiency in deliveries and service calls, quicker dispatch and route, driver accountability, and protect your company assets. Our real-time GPS vehicle tracking system is the solution.

EAS GPS Vehicle Tracker System

XG818 Smart data SMS GPS Vehicle Tracker

XG818 Smart data SMS GPS Vehicle Tracker

EAS GPS Tracker XG818
The EAS GPS Vehicle Tracker XG818is one of the our reliable and flexible vehicle GPS tracker unit available in Sabah, Malaysia.

It installs on the most vehicles, and keeps track of where that vehicle is at all times. It works with a SIM card from any Malaysia Telecommunication company and an existing GPRS network.

The EAS GPS Vehicle Tracker XG818 installs in mere hours, and is programed work right away. It comes with many features that are standard in GPS technology, is very affordable. This GPS tracker unit is for vehicles that operates from 9 volt battery.

All our EAS GPS trackers work together with our LiveEAS tracking software to ensure trouble free operations and real time alerts in case of trouble.

XG918 Superior GPS Vehicle Tracker

XG918 Superior GPS Vehicle Tracker

EAS GPS Tracker XG918
The EAS GPS Vehicle Tracker XG918is a robust and accurate vehicle GPS tracking unit available from our company based in Kolombong Kota Kinabalu.

All our EAS GPS tracking units are hassle-free installation and comes with built-in back-up battery. In the event of vehicle battery failure, our LiveEAS GPS tracking system will issue an alert to you via sms or email.

EAS GPS trackers are low maintenance, robust and light weight, while providing 24 hours vehicle tracking throughout Sabah.

Our GPS trackers employ industry leading on-board alert engine, also called Programmable Event Generator. Our advanced GPS unit monitors external conditions and supports customer-defined exception-based rules to meet your needs. The customer-defined programed events are continuously monitored and the LiveEAS system responds instantaneously to pre-defined threshold conditions related to time, date, motion, location, geo-fence and other event combinations.

Our GPS Vehicle Trackers

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LiveEAS GPS Tracking Software

LiveEAS GPS tracking softwareLiveEAS GPS vehicle tracking solution can deliver huge savings for your company, in terms of vehicle operation cost. By monitoring unauthorized use of your company vehicles, unauthorized route, speed of the vehicle, all these helps reduce engine and tire wear, fuel costs and company liabilities.

To visit our GPS software demo site, click here: LiveEAS GPS Software Solution

You can use the demo user name and password to give our LiveEAS tracking software a test-drive any time.

Low Cost, High Quality

Low Maintenance, High Reliability

Integrated with Google maps

Real Time Reporting

Alerts by SMS and Email

Daily Reports, ready for print out

Geo-Fencing control

Speeding Alert

Engine Start Alert

Engine cut switch

Tamper proof installation

User friendly reporting system

Password protected, multi-user control

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