GPS And Customer Service

Using GPS Vehicle Tracking To Elevate Customer Service

Keeping pace with technology while running your business can be difficult. So how do you improve your customer service while keeping your cost low? This is where vehicle GPS tracking can help your company improve business efficiency.

The days when we tell our customers to wait for the goods to get delivered or give them guess estimates on the delivery times are gone. If we expect to get things done when we want them to be done, so do your customers. The aim of customer service is customer satisfaction. This means on time delivery if you are delivering goods, and on time departure if you are running a public transport company. It is about delivering the goods and services to your customers when they expect it.

GPS vehicle tracking system is a must have tool for running your business smoothly and getting the competitive advantage over the competition. GPS tracking systems will help you get more satisfied customers, this means more business and better profits.

GPS Tracking Serves Dual Purposes

1. Getting your vehicles to their destination on time.
Competition is getting intense in today’s economy. With GPS vehicle tracking, you can make sure your fleet of transports get to their destination without taking any unauthorized detours. You can make sure they get there safely, keeping within the speed limit. This reduces liabilities on your company, reduces goods damaged in transit and increases passenger safety.

With the added benefit of optimum fuel consumption, reduced engine and tire wear, while getting the job done.

2. Protecting your vehicles and goods
GPS tracking system lets you monitor your vehicle fleet at all times, especially if your transports travel long distance. In Sabah, the majority of goods are transported over hundreds of kilometers to places like Keningau and Semporna. Traveling by coach and buses is still the most economical way for most people.

GPS tracking alerts you whenever your company vehicle is operating outside pre-determined perimeters. With customer defined perimeters, our system can generate alerts via sms or emails with safety features such as:

  • Speeding Alert
  • Engine Start Alert
  • Power Failure Alert
  • Alarm Active Alert
  • Geo-fencing Control

Real Time Tracking
Real time tracking will show you when your vehicle is stationery for longer than is expected, or when the vehicle goes out of their operation route. By taking an active participation in vehicle operations, you can deliver assistance to your vehicles when they need it.

Recovering Stolen Vehicles
With GPS vehicle tracking there is no where to hide. You can track, report and lead Police to where your vehicle is. With our engine cut function, you can activate the command to kill the engine.

Even if the vehicle is hidden in underground basement parking. The LiveEAS tracking system records the last known position of your vehicle. You will be able to identify when it enters a building and when it exits a building.

Records Evidence in Accidents
EAS GPS vehicle tracking can assist in accident investigations. GPS tracking devices record speed, direction, time and date, location by latitude and longitude, street address, duration of trips and miles logged. The data collected is accurate, and can be stored or printed out.

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