GPS Vehicle Tracking Tool

GPS Vehicle Tracking To Control Your Fleet

If your company runs a fleet of vehicles, find out how gps tracking can help your business.

There are many companies in Kota Kinabalu and Sabah that can benefit from having EAS GPS vehicle tracker installed on their fleet. Commercial transport operators and delivery companies should invest in GPS vehicle tracking for their assets. Our GPS tracking system can increase your business profits and enable you to deliver better customer service.

Installing GPS Vehicle Tracking In Your Fleet

If your business handles delivery for your clients, a GPS vehicle tracking system can be a force multiplier for you. It can be installed on your vehicle in one day by our qualified vehicle workshops.

The installation consists of:

  1. GPS vehicle tracker
  2. SIM card from Malaysia Telecomunications companies

EAS XG918 Smart SMS GPS Vehicle Tracker

This device is installed in the vehicle and SIM links the vehicle to our central data center. With our web-based password protected software, the owner can access information about his vehicles from the internet at home or office or anywhere.

GPS vehicle tracking is ideal for businesses which operates transportation vehicles such as:

  1. food and beverage distributors
  2. car rentals
  3. coaches and buses
  4. utility companies
  5. limousine operators
  6. courier companies
  7. consumer goods distributors
  8. and more

Using GPS Satellites For Tracking

Our EAS GPS tracking system uses Global Positioning System satellites to track a vehicle’s location, direction of travel and speed. The data is transferred from GPS satellite to the central server software via local cellular phone network. All the data in the central server software can be updated every 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the business owner’s preference.

The business owner can access all the information about their vehicles through the internet. Our central server captures the data and stores the data up to 6 months. Every business owner is assigned a unique password, and our system supports mutli-users management and monitoring. All reports can be exported to your office for your own record keeping.

For more information on our GPS Vehicle Trackers, visit our GPS products page.

Our GPS Vehicle Trackers

EAS GPS Vehicle Tracker XG918 – Superior GPS Vehicle Tracker, read more.
EAS GPS Vehicle Tracker XG818 – Smart Data GPS Vehicle Tracker, read more.

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