How EAS GPS System Works

How GPS Tracking System Works In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

The EAS GPS tracking system works by combining 3 available technologies into one flexible and robust solution for use in Sabah. Technically, it can be used through out Malaysia and with a change of SIM card, it can be used worldwide.

The EAS GPS tracking system is a combination of the global positioning satellite (GPS), a mobile phone network (GPRS) and the internet. A GPS vehicle tracking system is installed into the vehicle. This normally takes 2 to 3 hours, and the installation comprises of:

  1. GPS tracker unit with backup battery
  2. Mobile phone SIM card

Mobile Network Sim Card

The mobile network SIM card is supplied by our Malaysia Telecommunications companies, Celcom, Digi and Maxis. If you have an existing SIM card with data plan, this can be used in the GPS tracker. You can also use your company or business account to sign up for an additional SIM card with your existing data plan.

Alternatively, we can supply you with a SIM card from Celcom, Digi or Maxis. In order for the GPS tracker to operate, it must have access to a mobile network. We will configure the SIM card and GPS tracker before we install.

Global Positioning Satellite and Internet

Global positioning satellite should be a familiar household name for most people. It has been around for years and have given us a very accurate tool to determine where we are. When combined with the internet, our system can show you exactly where you or your vehicle is. The information is integrated with Google Maps, allowing you to view as a satellite photo or on a map.

LiveEAS Tracking Software

In order to combine all 3 technology together and generate real time reports, we need the LiveEAS tracking software. This is a web-based, password protected system that lets you access your reports. The reports that are available can be used as key performance indicators to manage your business and personnel.

We have made it as user friendly as it can be, and generates reports that you can use. On a day to day basis, you probably will not need to print out the reports. Our system will store 6 months worth of data in a central server. However, it is recommended that you print out or download your reports every month.

You can define the alerts you wish to receive, as well as the method it is transmitted to you, ie by sms or emails. The alerts are engine start, geo-fence, speed limit alert, low power alert and SOS alert. SMS alerts and email alerts are issued by the system whenever any tracked vehicle exceeds the customer-defined rules.

To visit our GPS software demo site, click here: LiveEAS GPS Software Solution
User name: demo
User password: 123456

You can use the demo user name and password to give our LiveEAS tracking software a test-drive any time.

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