LiveEAS GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

LiveEAS GPS Real Time Tracking Software

EAS GPS tracking system can be used for personal or corporate vehicle tracking solutions. LiveEAS is a web-based GPS vehicle tracking software that tracks and displays vehicle location in real time. LiveEAS GPS tracking reports can be accessed by you anywhere in the world. It is password protected and data is stored in our data center.

You can get a tracking and security system which you can manage remotely through local cell phone network (GSM/GPRS) or through the internet on a PC from any part of the world. Your company vehicles or private vehicle can be tracked by GPS anywhere in Sabah, where there is a telecommunication network coverage. We use Malaysian telco operators, Celcom, Digi and Maxis to provide coverage.

LiveEAS gps tracking software solution

Improve Business Operations

If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, commercial delivery or transportation, you can easily manage them by tracking where they are at any given time. Divert your transports to the nearest pick-up point or monitor your delivery schedules. You can get greater productivity from your company assets and give your customers better service by improving delivery times.

Greater Security

You can prevent vehicle theft, or assist your local law enforcement to recover your vehicle in the event of a vehicle thief. Our LiveEAS GPS tracking solutions tracks your vehicle in real-time and reports its current location. When the Police have been notified and directed to where your vehicle is, you can initial the kill switch which will stop the engine immediately.

Save Operating Cost

LiveEAS GPS vehicle tracking solution can deliver huge savings for your company, in terms of vehicle operation cost. By monitoring unauthorized use of your company vehicles, unauthorized route, speed of the vehicle, all these helps reduce engine and tire wear, fuel costs and company liabilities.

LiveEAS GPS tracking software

LiveEAS Reporting Solution

LiveEAS is our web-based GPS live tracking software. It is a password protected, secure and robust tracking and reporting system. It delivers reports you can use to manage and improve your business.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • SOS alarm, low power alarm, speed limit alert
  • Geo-fence route limitation alert
  • Supports Google Map and MicroSoft Virtual Earth
  • Data is backed up and can be printed out
  • Accessible from the internet anywhere
  • Tracks your vehicle anywhere in Malaysia
  • Multi users management, monitoring and control
  • User friendly
  • Stable platform and performance

Our GPS trackers employ industry leading on-board alert engine, also called Programmable Event Generator. Our advanced GPS unit monitors external conditions and supports customer-defined exception-based rules to meet your needs. The customer-defined programed events are continuously monitored and the LiveEAS system responds instantaneously to pre-defined threshold conditions related to time, date, motion, location, geo-fence and other event combinations.

SMS alerts and email alerts are issued by the system whenever any tracked vehicle exceeds the customer-defined rules.

To visit our GPS software demo site, click here: LiveEAS GPS Software Solution
User name: demo
User password: 123456

You can use the demo user name and password to give our LiveEAS tracking software a test-drive any time.

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GPS Tracking System Corporate Solutions

EAS Personal and Corporate Solutions – GPS Tracking System

There are many benefits of having a GPS vehicle tracking system installed in your vehicle. If you own a vehicle or group of vehicles for business purposes, you can get updated information on all your vehicles at regular intervals. You could set the tracking system to give you minute-by-minute, hourly or daily updates.

Business owners use GPS vehicle tracking system in many ways

Let us look at how GPS vehicle tracking solution can help your business in Kota Kinabalu and Sabah.

  1. They can increase their efficiency by keeping track of their productive time. With this system they can control unauthorized breaks, use of company vehicle for personal use and eliminating unnecessary stops by tracking driver’s activity.
  2. The owner can ensure their drivers keep within the speed limit to reduce excessive engine wear, waste of fuel and legal liabilities.
  3. The owner can improve customer service by tracking the exact delivery times and location. The business can give accurate delivery estimates. The customers are sure going to be content if your business is managed in a professional manner.
  4. The business owner can track and manage their delivery performances, use the information provided as a Key Performance Indicator. This will also allow the business to conduct accurate appraisal of their staff’s performances.
  5. GPS tracking reports can be printed out to monitor your delivery routes, mileage and time spent for each location.
  6. GPS tracking can prevent vehicle theft, assist in the recovery of your vehicle, and monitor unauthorized use of your vehicles.

GPS vehicle tracking system can be used for personal or business purposes in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah improve your business operations. A small investment on these systems is going to make your business more cost effective and increase your efficiency. There are no better way of tracking your vehicle than with EAS GPS vehicle tracking system.

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