LiveEAS GPS Tracking Reports

myeas gps tracking reports

LiveEAS GPS Vehicle Tracking Report System For Sabah

LiveEAS is our web-based GPS live tracking software and reporting system. Our system monitors the GPS trackers that are installed on your commercial and personal vehicles. Our user friendly system is hosted on a secure, password protected environment. It delivers real time tracking and reports on where your vehicles are at any moment in time.

To Test Drive Our LiveEAS System
eas gps location report

Once you have logged in, the system will show you the location of your vehicles, and it will only show the locations for your vehicles. You can select the display to show as a map (as shown above) or as a satellite photo (see below).

myeas gps tracking reports

Geo Fencing Control
Geo Fencing Control allows you to determine which area your delivery trucks can service. Depending on your operations, you can set a perimeter for the vehicle to travel in. Geo Fence is easy to set and you can always redefine the area at any time.

You can see an example of Geo Fencing Control below. To define your perimeter, all you have to do is click and drag the points on the map. When your perimeter is set, you will be notified by sms or email every time your vehicle exits its area of operations. This enables you to control your operations more efficiently.

myeas gps geo-fencing report

Speed Alarm
You can set the vehicle speed limit for individual vehicles. As with Geo Fencing, any time your vehicles exceed the predefined speed limit, you will receive any email or sms alarm.

eas gps speed alarm

Vehicle History
You can view where you vehicle has traveled on any day. It will show you the locations, the speed and you can view the history by date, by time and by vehicle.

eas gps history report

Vehicle Distance Report
LiveEAS reports can show you the distance the vehicle traveled on any selected day. All you have to do is select the vehicle, select the date and LiveEAS system will generate your report. This feature enables you to control your fuel costs and operational expenses.

myeas gps distance report

GPS Tracking Monthly Reports
For business owners, you can view your reports on a monthly basis. You can download or print out this report for your own records.

eas gps live report

GPS Vehicle Tracking Available For Kota Kinabalu and Sabah

Our company provides GPS vehicle trackers and GPS GPS reporting solutions for business owners, government agencies and for private use. You can use our Contact Form or call us at 088 432 313 to experience what GPS tracking can do for you.