What is GPS Vehicle Tracking System?

Global Positioning Satellite Tracking System

A GPS Vehicle Tracking device is a small on-board unit that is installed into your vehicles. It uses GPS technology to transmit the co-ordinates of the tracked vehicle, via a network of satellites, to a central server or data center. The information is then made available online to our clients in Kota Kinabalu and Sabah.

We provide your business with a password protected, multi-user management, monitoring and control GPS tracking system. Any business owner can log into our password protected, secure environment to view where their vehicles are, in real-time.

Anti Tampering
The GPS Tracking system is built into the vehicle, and any tampering with the device will be known by the owner. The GPS vehicle tracking system uses GPS technology which uses internationally available satellite technology for commercial use.

Our clients can assess our real-time reporting system online, no matter where they are.

  1. Where your vehicles are – shown on Google map and satellite photo.
  2. The speed they traveled.
  3. The route they took.
  4. The distance they traveled.

These reports can be generated in real-time, by the hour, by day or by month. The reports can also be downloaded in excel format to be kept as your company reports.

Secure your company vehicles

There are various security functions that are built into our GPS vehicle tracking system. All these solutions are built with the business owner in mind.

Geo-fence Route Control
1) You can set the delivery perimeter for your vehicles. Any time the vehicle goes beyond the perimeter, you will receive a sms or email from the system.

Speed Limitation
2) You can ensure your delivery vehicles keep within the speed limit. Any time the vehicle goes beyond the speed limit, you will receive a sms or email from the system.

Daily Reports
3) You can control the use of your vehicles during non-working hours and weekends. Reports show distance traveled, location and speed of the vehicle.

Real Time Reports
4) In case of a vehicle hijack, you can kill the vehicle engine remotely or direct law enforcement to the vehicle’s location. Vehicles are tracked in real-time, and their location is known immediately.

GPS vehicle tracking is now available for commercial and private use in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Our company provides GPS tracker device installation and web-based real time reporting solution.

Our company provides easy to install GPS vehicle tracking systems in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Call us today for a free demonstration.

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